Mwinilunga Bag-Pack Donation

On 28th May, 2022 Lead Me Back Foundation made its third successful Bag-PACK donation in Mwinilunga, Zambia. Mwinilunga is one of the rural areas in Zambia and having access to the bare minimums is a challenge for most children, worse off quality education. The donation was under the project Guardian for a Year. Donations to three schools were made: Nswanakudya Community School, Khankozhi Community School and Kambomba Community School. The recipients had this to say:

“Thank you Lead Me Back Foundation. You have allowed us children from Mwinilunga to benefit from your project. May God bless you and bless all the works of your hands. Thank you for coming all the way to Mwnilunga to help us have access to school essentials.”