Moffat Banda's Story

With the ability to string up words with a rhythm soothing to the ear.

Moffat is a music enthusiast 8th grader who was at Young Peace Makers Community School in grade 7 when the foundation took him up. He can be described as a resilient boy who has gone through highs and lows but his fighting spirit and outlook toward life and education have been a differentiating factor. He lost his parents at a very young age and later went on to live with his grandparents in Twapia but that came with a great disadvantage. He was not being sponsored or encouraged to go to school hence his uncle later took him in and that answered a prayer he was longing for; he was enrolled back into school.

Whilst he was still saying thank you, there was another blessing right up his alley, he was picked as a recipient of the Bag-PACK under the guardian for a year project that is run by the Lead Me Back Foundation. That meant he could go to school without worrying about necessities and that made him approach school with so much positivity resulting in him acquiring 796 points during his grade 7 mock exams.

But then something tragic happened, a fire started at home resulting in all his clothes, uniforms, and school necessities being consumed in the very fire leaving him and his family homeless and hopeless. This then led to him being taken in by the neighbors as a temporary solution whilst the uncle was getting on his two feet and the school donated five books he could use.

When the foundation went back to the school for team building activities, we discovered what happened to him and the foundation came together and put clothes together to be of help in any way they could. The Uncle later found a house and Moffat reunited with his family.

Even though the various hurdles he had to jump over like his books getting burnt in the fire, he was unwavering in his determination to write his exams. He sat for his final exams and scored 657 points allowing him the opportunity to get enrolled into Chipulukusu Secondary School to pursue his secondary school education.

All the while, the foundation came together again through the guardian for a year project and secured a Bag-pack for him that contained school books, a school uniform, school shoes, and a bag. This brought him great joy to be able to pursue his education unhindered and restore quality back to his education..

We may not be able to change everything but we have started with the basics and the basics make a world of a difference. There are many vulnerable children that we have interviewed and still need our help. Donate any amount or register to sponsor one child.

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