Kimberly's Story


It is often said that "blood is thicker than water." However at Lead Me Back Foundation we believe love is the greatest whether it be blood or water and this profile is testament to that.

Kimberly Mbasela is an eight-year-old girl from Lusaka Zambia. She is the first born in a famliy of three girls. Her professional dream is to become a Medical Doctor in future. She was introduced to us through Twitter when her dreams of becoming a doctor were becoming blury and impossible. In 2022 January her parents were unable to take her back to school after the father lost his job.

Her loving neighbor was troubled by her dropping out of school in second grade due to financial restraints in their household. The father was subsequently unable to afford her school necessities thus leading to Kimberly withdrawing from school, but her neighbour, who was not in a position to assist with her school necessities ,was moved to share her story on twitter in the hopes that someone would come along to assist with her school necessities.

One of our social media ambassador came across the story and mentioned the organization in the post and the Executive Director in the post. When we came across the story we were greatly moved. The Foundation's Lusaka team swiftly moved in to verify Kimberly's details to make sure she meets the criteria of our project.

Fortunately, Kimberly was verified and immediately was put under our Guardian for a Year project as a beneficiery. She was connected to a Lead Me Back Guardian who partnered with the foundation to make sure Kimberly goes to school. In June, 2022 Kimberly went back to school with all the needed school essentials. This year in January she went to school again as a grade three pupil.

Kimberly’s Lead Me Back Guardian has made a commitment to sponsor her until completion of twelfth grade. This is but one of the many fulfilling stories of how a Bag-PACK is the rope that spells hope to many children for not only education but QUALITY EDUCATION.

There are many vulnerable children that we have interviewed and still need our help. We might not be able to change everything but we can start with the basics and the basics makes a world difference . Join us by becoming a Lead Me Back Guardian and put a child through school.