This is a True Story

Dilamolu Willy is an 11-year-old boy doing his 3rd grade at Nswanakudya Primary school. He comes from a family of three (3) where the sole guardian is his single mother. As one can imagine, obtaining all the essentials he needs for school creates a tug-of-war for the family’s resources.

Despite being a physically challenged child as he uses crutches to walk to school, a minimum distance of 3 KM, and not having all the support needed to be in school, Dilamolu wants to be an engineer in the future and this pushes him every day to go to school despite the obstacles he is facing. We identified Dilamolu and connected him to a Lead Me Back Guardian to support him.

He received a full school uniform, shoes, bag, pens, pencils, and school books. His mother expressed her gratitude and thanked the organization, our partners, and the Lead Me Back Guardians who have impacted her son’s life. She explained how the Bag-PACK donation has lifted a weight off her shoulders as she had challenges purchasing these key essentials for her son.

Every child has a right to education; not just any education but Quality Education. Receiving quality education goes as far as having a uniform, and sufficient stationery such as books, pens, pencils, school bags, and shoes constantly. Unfortunately for most children here in Zambia, financial challenges have denied them the right to quality Education.

Our project Guardian for a Year helps some of the vulnerable children in Zambia.

Willy is not the only child in Zambia who has been denied the right to access to.

Quality Education. There are many children like him who don’t have school uniforms, school bags, shoes, sufficient school books, and other allowances that they need to pay to engage in practical subjects.

There are many vulnerable children we have interviewed that still need our help. We may not be able to change everything, but we can start with the basics, and the basics make a world of difference. Please join us in this noble cause to help these future lawyers, doctors, engineers, artists, teachers, and athletes (the list goes on) have a solid foundation.

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